In 2009, as a part of Oklahoma City’s MAPS 3 Project, Oklahoma City voted to build recreational and social facilities to support and promote a healthy, active lifestyle, social interaction, and overall quality of life for Oklahoma City adults 50 years and forever.

Careful consideration was implemented as the design of facilities began to unfold. The vision was to include a heated, indoor fitness swimming pool, fully equipped fitness center, aerobics and fitness studio, café, billiards room, art studio, classrooms, demonstration kitchen, conference rooms, a covered patio, massage and physical therapy.

As the design became a reality, Oklahoma City announced they would have operating partners that have a passion for providing services to adults 50 and forever. This operator would also ensure they could provide social and recreational settings for a wide range of uses. Therefore, in 2015, Oklahoma City accepted a bid from Healthy Living & Fitness, Inc. to fully operate the facility for the Northwest Oklahoma City location.

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Healthy Living & Fitness Inc. has a hardworking, tenured, and talented team that is eager to provide the highest quality service, environment, and care to our community, We are honored to have an opportunity to be a partner with Oklahoma City’s new adult wellness facility as it will be life-changing for many.

Bill Fleming, Chairman, Board of Directors, Healthy Living & Fitness, Inc.

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