Member & Guest Policy

Effective August 22, 2019

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Member & Guest Policy

At Healthy Living OKC (HLOKC), we have adopted policies and procedures to provide for the safe, enjoyable and healthy use of our premises. These policies apply to your conduct on HLOKC’s premises, which includes all indoor and outdoor areas, as well as its website and social media platforms. 

These policies supplement those posted, or otherwise provided in our Center, or at our events. We may adopt policies applicable to a single event. In some instances, the law may establish different requirements applicable to certain events and may not be called out here. To the extent of a conflict with other policies, the more restrictive policy applies. 

If you violate any of these policies, your membership or center access may be suspended or terminated. Management’s decision on all questions regarding construction or interpretation of these policies is final. 

We may change these policies at any time, without notice, in our sole discretion. You may find the most recent version of these policies at As a member or guest at HLOKC, you are responsible for reviewing and complying with these policies.

Membership Types

  • Individual – individual members must be 50 or older
  • Couple - two individuals, living in the same household, only one must be 50 years old 
  • Group memberships – please contact the business office for information regarding groups. 

Payment Procedures 

  • All memberships are pre-paid each month.
  • HLOKC’s preferred method of payment is via authorized bank or credit card draft. Drafts will occur on the 1st of each month. 
  • Joining mid-month will require a partial payment (amount per day). At the start of the next month the monthly draft will begin.
  • All membership changes need to be made by the by the end of the month prior to the month(s) you would like to change (i.e., terminations, or credit card changes).
  • Membership exceptions may be granted and will be reviewed on an individual basis.  Exceptions are granted for medical reasons with written proof of illness or injury. Please contact the business office as soon as possible.
  • HLOKC offers a sliding scale fee structure in the event an individual is unable to pay the full monthly dues. Federal Poverty Guidelines are used to calculate payments. Proof of income will be required.
  • Should the need arise, payment options may be considered on an individual basis.

Non-payment Procedures 

  • The business office will receive a notification of non-payment if your draft does not go through. This may be due to non-sufficient funds, new credit card, or change of bank account. We will contact you for the updated information so the payment can be processed. 
  • In the event we do not receive a response from you, your membership will be terminated. 

Payment for Classes 

  • Any class that is a “for fee” class must be pre-paid to secure a spot and to allow for instructor planning. 

Refunds and Cancellations 

  • HLOKC will provide a refund or credit for programs or classes that we cancel if we cannot find a suitable alternate for the registrant. 
  • HLOKC must receive your written cancellation notice within five (5) business days of the date you purchased the program or classes. 


  • Excluding the lobby, HLOKC and its programs, services, amenities, benefits, programs, classes, events, are for members only or guests of members as permitted by our Guest Policy. Periodically, HLOKC will host events that are open to the public and will be advertised as such. 
  • Guests must be 50 years old, unless he/she is the family member of a member, and in the facility for a brief tour.
  • Guests may accompany a member one time for no charge; thereafter, the daily guest rate of $10 will be charged. 
  • All guests must complete a guest information and waiver form prior to exercising or attending any classes. 

Check-In Process

  • Everyone is required to check in at the front desk on arrival. If you have a guest with you, they must fill out a guest form prior to using any areas of the facility or attending a class. 

Special Needs 

  • Any member or guest who is using another part of the facility or attending a group fitness or educational class, may have their caregiver assist. Caregivers must sign in at the front desk each time they come. 
  • Any member who needs additional assistance will need to hire a personal trainer for training on the exercise floor. All trainers must have a current contract with the facility. 
  • Members may not be dropped off at the facility or left on their own unless they are capable of being alone. 


  • Appropriate workout clothing must be worn. Shorts, t-shirts, warm-ups or any loose clothing will suffice. 
  • Shirts must cover the entire upper body (no half shirts or sports bras). 
  • Closed toe shoes must be worn in the Fitness Room or if handling equipment. (In classes such as yoga, it is common to not wear shoes).
  • No vulgarity or inappropriate slogans, etc. on clothing. 
  • Good hygiene is expected of all members and guests. 
  • Please refrain from wearing any type of perfume, essential oils or fragrant lotions. As you warm up, the scent becomes stronger and may cause negative reactions to other members and instructors.

Fitness/Weight Room

  • Closed toed shoes must be worn at all times. 
  • Please return all equipment to the appropriate area after use. 
  • Do not drop dumbbells.
  • There is a 30-minute time limit on all machines. 
  • Please do not “rest” on the machines in between sets or between use of the two grips. Allow others to “work in”. 
  • You MUST clean off the equipment following use with the wipes provided. 
  • If you are unfamiliar with how to use any equipment, you are encouraged to sign up for a 30-minute introductory fitness training session with one of HLOKC’s personal trainers.
  • Please refrain from using cell phones while using the exercise equipment. 
  • Water is the only drink allowed in the fitness room.

Group Fitness Classes 

  • Most classes are included in the facility membership. Specialty classes are offered at a nominal fee.
  • Current schedules are available at the front desk and on the HLOKC website. 
  • Water is the only drink allowed in the group fitness room.

Basketball and Pickleball Court 

  • Do not wear street shoes, high heels, or boots on the floor as damage can occur.
  • Please return all equipment to the appropriate area after use. 
  • If you see a great deal of sweat or any kind of fluid on the floor, please wipe it up for safety reasons. 
  • Water is the only drink allowed in the basketball gym.

Swimming Pool

  • There are NO Lifeguards on duty. 
  • You must shower prior to use of the pool.
  • Do not attempt to enter the pool if you need assistance to do so.
  • Appropriate swim wear should be worn. No t-shirts or shorts with fraying or loose threads allowed. Only water shoes are allowed in the pool. You may not enter the pool in the same shoes you are wearing into or leaving the facility
  • You will need to provide your own bath towel. 

Arts & Crafts Room 

  • Please do not utilize any of the equipment without authorization from a staff member.
  • There are designed “lab” times for the arts and crafts room. Please check schedule for class times. 

Use of Rooms (that are not being used throughout the day) 

  • Furniture is not to be moved or rearranged.
  • Lights and equipment must be turned off when finished. 

Lounge Area 

  • The lounge area is provided for you to relax and visit with others. Magazines and a daily paper are available for your reading pleasure. Please do not remove these items from this area. 
  • During café hours, coffee and beverages are available for purchase. We appreciate your help in cleaning up after yourself.

Locker Rooms

  • Lockers are available for use daily. You must use your own lock to protect your personal belongings in the lockers. All items including the lock must be removed each day. 
  • At the end of the day, all locks remaining on lockers will be cut off and items removed. 
  • Appropriate behavior is expected in all areas of the locker rooms.
  • Please clean up after yourself. 
  • Note: Items left in lockers and unclaimed after 30 days will be donated to charity. 

Room/Space Rental 

  • Rooms and areas are available for rent either during the day or off hours when the facility is not open for membership activities. 
  • Rental rates are available on the HLOKC website under the rental tab. 


  • HLOKC has a “no solicitation policy.” You may not solicit, whether in person or in writing, any members, guest or team members on the premises or during the “off-premises events.” This includes, but is not limited to, solicitations for political or religious purposes, media interviews, business opportunities, or competitive products or services.
  • Companies who rent our facility may offer items or services for sale.

Photography & Video

  • Professional photography and recording of video on the premises are not allowed without the advance approval of HLOKC management. Personal photography is allowed in public areas of the club only. You must have consent to photograph any other member, guest, or staff. No photography or cameras of any kind are allowed in any locker rooms, restroom, service rooms, or other private areas of the center. 

Medical Emergency Situations 

  • In the event there is a medical emergency, local emergency services (911) will be activated. 
  • In this instance, it is expected that you will provide these emergency personnel adequate space to do their job. 


  • If you are injured while on the premises, please seek immediate assistance from a HLOKC staff member. A staff member can provide or arrange for appropriate medical assistance and will complete an incident report. 


  • Staff members are trained in procedures to follow in the event of a fire. It is expected that all members and guests will immediately follow directions provided by the staff and any emergency personnel. 


  • Staff members are trained in procedures to follow in the event of an evacuation. It is expected that all members and guests will immediately follow directions provided by the staff and any emergency personnel. 

Inclement Weather 

  • In the event of inclement weather, the facility will provide shelter for those already in the building. This building is NOT considered a community shelter. It is expected that all members and guests will immediately follow directions provided by the staff. 
  • If the weather is such that the facility should close, we will post notices on the doors as well as send a text message. In addition, we will post the information on our website. The phone message and website information will be updated as time passes and the weather information is updated. 


  • Weapons, of any kind, are NOT allowed on the premises for any reason. 


  • HLOKC has a “no smoking” policy. This includes the main building as well as parking lots and all surrounding grounds. 


  • You may not consume alcohol on the premises or use our equipment, services or programs while under the influence of alcohol.
  • The only exception to alcohol consumption is via a room/facility rental agreement that occurs outside of standard business hours. This exception occurs only during the time of the rental. 
  • You may not use, possess or sell any illegal drugs on the premises. 
  • You may not use our equipment, services or programs while under the influence of illegal drugs. You should not use, or should stop using, any equipment, services or programs if your prescription medication adversely impacts or influences your ability to safely use it. 


  • Only service animals performing their duty in the care of a person (who requires assistance) or on-duty law enforcement animals (“exempt animals”) are allowed. All exempt animals must be licensed, vaccinated and have identification tags. They must remain leashed or caged and under a responsible person’s control. The animal must be removed immediately if it causes a disturbance, interrupts the work of others or poses a health or safety risk to those who are exposed to it. The animal’s owner must promptly remove animal waste and is liable for any damage caused by the animal. 

Parking Lot

  • Handicapped parking is available near the front of the facility. Please display your decal indicating this designation. 
  • Speed limit in the parking lot is 5 mph.
  • Sidewalks are available for the safety of our members. Please do not walk behind parked cars. 
  • The church next door graciously allows us to use their parking lot during the week. Please feel free to park in the church parking lot when no other parking is available.
  • Parking is not allowed on the west side of the building. This space is reserved for delivery trucks and safety vehicles.
  • Vehicles in violation are subject to being towed. 


  • If you are not feeling well, please let a staff member know immediately or ask another member to let the staff know. 
  • If you know of any broken equipment or problem in the facility, please fill out the ‘To Be Repaired’ sheet at the front desk. We appreciate your help! 
  • Every effort is made to create a safe and comfortable environment for all; however, you participate at your own risk in all areas of the facility.
  • The facility reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment. Every effort will be made to contact those who did sign up prior to the start of the class.
  • The facility is not responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged. Valuables should not be left in lockers or sitting out in the locker rooms. Items turned in and not claimed within 30 days will be donated to charity. 
  • If you must take a cell phone call during a class, please take it out to the hallway as to not disrupt the class for the rest of the members.
  • All members and guests are expected to behave appropriately. 
  • No vulgar language is tolerated.
  • Disagreements should be handled between the people involved. If not resolved, management will assist. Each instance will be handled on a case by case basis. 
  • HLOKC uses a three strike rule – if policy violations or problem behavior is frequent, the third instance will result in a loss of membership. 
  • Egregious behavior (such as sexual harassment or physical altercations) will result in immediate removal from the facility and termination of membership. 

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