Healthy Living OKC Staff

Our staff is composed of individuals who are passionate about fitness, wellness, and a healthy lifestyle. 

Jefferson Killgore

Executive Director

Staff, Jefferson Killgore

An Oklahoma City local, Jefferson Killgore has a heart for serving his community. Raised by two public educators, the value and influence of knowledge, community, and empowerment have been guiding themes in his life.

Killgore has a background in fitness and wellness industry with a calling to serve our community in areas of service and community development. Over the past 10 years of professional experience, Killgore’s involvement with several professional boards has given him the privilege of seeing the transformational influence that both corporate and community partners can have on the individuals in the city.

Amber Clour

Associate Director

Staff, Amber Clour

Amber Clour was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. After receiving a Bachelors of Arts & Science in Environmental Geography from the University Of Oklahoma, she set her sights on giving back to others. Clour has spent the majority of her professional life in the non-profit realm with a focus on the arts and chronic illness.

During her spare time, she is a writer and podcast host about life with type 1 diabetes and enjoys cooking with her culinary partners in crime.

Cheryl Swanson

Social and Program Director

Cheryl Swanson graduated with a BFA from Phillips University. She has worked in the art field for over 40 years. Her main passion is to help others discover their own creative self.

A few of Cheryl's accomplishments include:

Receiving the Governor's Art​s and Education Award in 2004

Being selected as an Oklahoma Teaching Artist with the Oklahoma Arts

Council in 2008.​

​Being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her leadership

in getting Leonardo's Children Museum in Enid, OK established in 2009.

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