Beginning Photography (6 week series)

Karen Bunch will conduct this six week course.  

Karen Reading-Bunch Bio-  A kayaker who loves the water and nature photography, I have kayaked throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, taking pictures everywhere I go.  I am a member of the Oklahoma Camera Club.  Last year I had 3 photos place in the End of the Year Contest, including both first and second place in Beginning Nature Photography.  My photo “Lurking in the Shadows” is featured in the OKC Zoo 2019 Calendar.  My first international exhibition is this January, 2019, in Barcelona, Spain.  I can frequently be found walking in the parks near my home or along Hefner Lake, with my dog, Shadow, beside me, my camera around my neck, and taking photos.  

Class 1 – Intro of self and watch tutorial of Canon Rebel T6 ( most commonly purchased beginnning DSLR but the info would be the same for most DSLR’s)  How to download the instruction manual of their camera onto their computer and use “control F” for help.  Homework – 5 pics per day of anything. Like a musical instrument, they must practice using their camera if they wish to improve their skills.  

Class 2 – Focus and Light and how these factors affect their photos – Homework 5 pics per day on Program (automatic) mode and take note of the camera’s automatic settings. 

Class 3 – The Exposure Triangle, Camera settings and modes – Homework 5 pics per day choosing settings and observing how each one changes the photo. 

Class 4 – Composition  – The Rule of Thirds, Golden Spiral among others, Homework take 5 pics per day trying different compositions. 

Class 5 – Watch the you tube video “15 Features of Your DSLR” – this will be the more advanced version of the tutorial video serving as both a review and to give a little more insight into what the camera can do.  Again, this is a longer video just like the first one.   Homework – keep taking 5 pics per day to practice their photography 

Class 6 – An introduction into editing and Lightroom – simple steps to improve their photos.  

April 11 @ 18:30

6:30 pm

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Karen Reading

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