How to Rediscover Happiness Cancelled for tonight



We all experience tragedies, crises and extended periods of stress, anxiety and self-doubt. While it’s normal and completely natural especially in high-stress fields, without the resilience to overcome and bounce back, it’s easy to lose the spark you once had—a spark that fuels your professional journey.

This presentation drills down on three simple methods for becoming more resilient, starting with:

  • The secret to persistent happiness that’s all around you
  • A powerful prescription to reduce stress forever that’s in the air
  • A proven method to feel more joyful that takes just a few minutes each week

Resilient people have more energy, sleep better, experience less anxiety and have greater joy no matter what life throws at them. Let Ed ignite your journey to achieve this powerful state of mind and state of BEING.

Resilience Coach Ed Eckenstein survived the Oklahoma City bombing and his story is powerful.

December 13 @ 13:00

1:00 pm

– 2:00 pm

Ed Eckenstein

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